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Wedding First Dance Testimonials
Hi Martin & Jacqueline,
We had lots of laughs with Jacqueline as we slowly built up the routine swapping ideas and suggestions (the good ones mostly from Jacqueline!)
Wed like to thank Jacqueline for all her help and patience, she was a brilliant teacher and choreographer and wed highly recommend both her and Martin.
So, was it a success?.......Well, the Mums cried, everyone clapped and we really enjoyed it, so yes!!!!
Thanks again for all your help, our wedding day was perfect and the first dance helped to make it extra special.
Nick and Angelina Wilding (although Angelina is still clinging onto Fontana .!!!!)

Testimonials 2
Hi Jacqueline and Martin

We would like to thank you so much
for your time and patience with teaching
us our first dance. It went very well
(not perfect but everyone was very impressed!)

Many thanks

Vicky and Hayden

Dear Jacqueline and Martin,
Just to say thank you for teaching
us to dance. Our wedding was
fantastic and we had such a great
time dancing our first dance.
We really enjoyed working with

Sue and Richard